3 Stars

Movie: LadyHawke

Synopsis: LadyHawke is a love story. The movie starts out focusing on a pick pocketer named Phillipe “The Mouse” Gaston. The Mouse is cornered by some guards, but Etienne Navarre rescues him. Navarre’s hawk follows them and scouts to see if there is any trouble ahead and behind them. That evening Phillipe and Navarre take shelter in a farm house, but the farmer tries to kill Phillipe. The farmer is killed by a black wolf who is followed by a beautiful woman.

The next day Navarre askes Phillipe to help him sneak into the capital city Aquila in order to kill the Bishop. Phillipe refuses and escapes but is recaptured by the Bishop’s guards. Both Navarre and the Hawke are shot with arrows while they rescue Phillipe.

Navarre asks Phillip to take the hawk to an abandoned castle where a monk named Imperius resides. Imperius heals the hawk and Phillip discovers that the hawk is the woman from the first night.

Imperius explains that the woman is Isabeau of Anjou and she and Navarre are cursed because the Bishop wanted Isabeau, but she refused. Isabeau turns into a hawk during the day and Navarre becomes a wolf at night, they are always together, but eternally apart.

Imperius explains that in order for the curse to be broken, Isabeau and Navarre must face the Bishop together on “a day without a night and a night without a day.” Navarre doesn’t believe him and decides to go ahead with his plan to kill the Bishop. Phillipe smuggles him in to the cathedral and while Navarre is fighting with the guards, he sees a solar eclipse and realizes the curse can be broken.

As Navarre is about to kill the Bishop, Isabeau in her human form comes into the Cathedral and stops Navarre from killing the Bishop. Together, they face the Bishop and break the curse! The Bishop is killed when he tried to kill Isabeau in a fit of rage. The final scene is Isabeau and Navarre embracing each other finally.

Critique: This movie has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Most people don’t like the story line and they think it is too weird. I believe the opposite. The use of cinematography is ground breaking showing the transformation each morning and evening for Isabeau. The use of light during sunrise and sunset is also spectacular.


There is also a lot of clever use of words. Phillipe has a very sarcastic sense of humor and uses it widely. He also discusses God in a very interesting way: he is very sarcastic with his discussion, but he also still holds a reverence of God.  Navarre and Isabeau are portrayed brilliantly and the actors do a fantastic job of showing their emotions.

This assignment was harder than I thought it would be. Of course, we all come up with review of movies on our own, but its much harder to write it down in a coherent way for other people to understand. Especially if people have never seen this movie.

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