For this design assignment I asked myself: What would the world look life if the Berlin Wall never fell?

This is a difficult question because so many events happened before the fall of the Berlin Wall. To appropriately complete this assignment I had to set a few rules in my mind. Did technology still progress in the same way? What event did or did not happen for events to proceed in the way that they did?

For this alternative historical moment, I concluded that President Reagan never told Gorbachev to tear down the wall and relations with the Soviet Union never got better. Technology would still progress in the same way in order to prevent confusion. The “Iron Curtain” is still present (which isn’t that far of a stretch with Russian actions in our society today) and separating families. The West side of Berlin (controlled by the Allies) is bright and lively and advancing rapidly. The East side of Berlin (controlled by Russia) has high unemployment and mediocre technology.

This photo shows what the Berlin wall looks like in 2019. I made this photo a sort of love story. These two people are separated by the wall, but they still try to meet up in the same place so they can talk to each other and remain close and connected. The wall might separate them physically, but not emotionally.

Two images were found on google and were put together with the help of GIMP. This project was interesting because I got to learn a new program (with the help of YouTube tutorials and experimentation) and I asked some really hard questions about historical events. I have never used a picture editing program so I had to spend a lot of time searching for YouTube tutorials or blogs that helped explain how to use what I needed for GIMP. It amazing the resources on the internet that are available.

I think that for my first time using GIMP, my photo worked out well. There are still some white streaks on the girl side from where I made the background transparent. I tried going back and fixing it, but it obviously didn’t work. Next time I will try to work on that. I wish I had been able to figure out how to make the girl and the boy smaller so that the boy could have fit into the photo better.

I also asked some deep questions about history. It is always interesting to think about what would have happened if a specific event hadn’t happened. However, I’ve never had to reflect on that for an assignment.