Vignelli: I like how Vignelli acknowledges that each person has their own sense of style, but that there are rules that have to be followed within your own sense of style. I thought the point of semantics was one of the most important points. You have to know what you’re trying to create as well as how you are going to go about making your design. I like that they talked about typefaces because often times, people go nuts with the variety of fonts and often times, the fonts they’ve chosen are very distracting.

Kidd: The way Kidd describes graphic design is fascinating. I really liked how he mentions the Vignelli article. That definitely solidifies its credibility. I also like how he explains how graphic design is found in all aspects of our life. Deep down I have always known that, but I’ve never payed attention to these principles.

These articles were both very interesting, and I enjoyed getting to learn some design principles.

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