4.11 Stars

I decided to make this a re-do of one of my previous assignments: Coming to America

Instead of putting aliens in the poster, I decided to put a tiger (Rajah from Aladdin) which would fit in with the character’s origin story better.

How I did it:

First off I had to find a base for what I was going to use my new image in. I had found the Coming to America poster online as well as the picture of Rajah.

Next, I uploaded both of them into GIMP. In order to make Rajah transparent and movable, you have to first open the image, then open the same image again as layers. Move the bottom image away and move the top one over the checkered area. Then click Layer at the top and go town to transparency and click on “Open Alpha Layer.” Once this is completed use the eraser to get rid of the background.

You can then resize the image by clicking Image at the top and then going to “Scale Image.” Make the image the size you want it and then copy and paste it into the appropriate photo and then move it around.

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