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Amy Klobuchar: Time to focus on me rather than the other candidates

Ms. Klobuchar stated that she is tired of moderators not paying attention to her. She is a candidate as well and she should be payed attention to. She isn’t as radical or as flashy as some of her counterparts, but she deserved the spotlight too. “I hope that these moderators will ask one of the other candidates, bring up one of my ideas and say, ‘Why isn’t this a good idea?”

Ms. Klobuchar said. “A lot of questions have been 30-second responses to other people’s ideas.” This doesn’t provide a lot of time for outliers like Ms. Klobuchar to shine.

This hard part of this assignment was finding an article that I could change into an onion article. It was also difficult to change the story and include quotes that don’t completely mislead the reader and misquote the person. It was fun coming up with a spoof article.

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