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Secondhand Lions is one of my favorite movies. For this assignment, I will be writing from the perspective of the first salesman that drives up. Here is a video to show you how the scene goes!

*as he is driving up the long driveway*

I sure hope this is the right driveway! The house looks like it could use some loving, it looks like its falling apart. I sure hope these guys do have millions stashed away because my job is riding on this deal.

Oh, there they are. Sitting on the front porch with some kid. I wonder who the kid is. No matter, as long as he doesn’t get in the way of me making this deal, we’ll be ok.

I jumped out of my new red car and approached the porch when I called out, “Hey, rumor has it you two have millions stashed away!”

The brother with the glasses just started at me. He didn’t seem convinced. Better give him my main pitch line.

 “Why not put some of that money to work for you with the high-yield investment in gold and silver can bring.”

And oh my god! They pulled out shotguns on my and shot just above my head! I can’t believe it! I ran back to my car, but I needed to try one last time. “Can I leave you some pamphlets?” And they just shot through my papers!

I turned my car back on and sped out of there like I was a bat coming out of hell. I will never bother them again, my job on the line or not!

It was difficult picking which scene in this movie to choose from. There are so many good parts, but the scene I picked was find to do because Hub and Garth love terrorizing the salesmen that come. The hardest part about this assignment was trying to figure out the backstory and motivations of the salesman. Other than the fact he is trying to get there money, is there anything else motivating him?

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