I listened to the 80’s television show and it was awesome!

I loved the robotic voice in the intro. I would love to know how they accomplished that!

Kollin did a great job with analyzing Full House. I never watched it as a kid, but he is right, there are references everywhere! We even use memes of Full House on a regular basis

I think the fashion analysis is definitely important to comment on for Miami Vice! 80’s fashion is always interesting and plays an important role in the TV show or movies.

God I love the Golden Girls!

The trivia aspects that were included in the ALF segment were really interesting! I can’t believe someone tried to cook their cat in the microwave.

Little House on the Prarie was a good one to include! My mom used to watch that show.

This group did a fantastic job with their radio show! All of the shows that they picked were really interesting TV shows to talk about.

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