For one of my re-do assignments I decided to rewrite a scene from Secondhand Lions again. Only this time, I am writing from Jasmine’s point of view. When I originally did this assignment, as I was uploading the content, I suddenly had an idea to write it from Jasmine’s perspective. I decided that I was too late and I was just going to use the car salesman’s perspective. I’m really happy I got an opportunity to rewrite it!

Here is the scene:

And here is the story from Jasmine’s point of view:

“Where is it? Where’s the money?” *slap*

“Ahh, ahh, mhmm”

What’s going on? As I stuck my head out of my corn field, I see my boy, Walter, on the ground. Someone is on top of him. Who is that strange man? What is he doing?

The strange man raises his hand and slaps Walter across the face. That man is attacking my boy! I immediately start running to Walter. I have to protect him! That man isn’t going to know what hit him. I’m running towards the man, I let out a ferocious growl, he looks up from Walter and sees me coming. He has a terrified look on his face…good, he should be scared. I will destroy his soul for touching my boy.

I leap onto him; I begin scratching and biting him. The man keeps putting his arms up so that I can’t get to his throat, I keep trying to get past his arms because I want to rip his throat out. No one hits Walter like that and gets away with it.

The man is putting up a good fight, but so am I. I hear Walter make a noise next to me, I spare a brief look, he is fine. I feel myself slowing down. My limbs are starting to get heavy…what’s happening? All I feel is a haze, my eyes are so heavy. With my dying breath, I look up at Walter, my sweet Walter. He has made the last couple months of my life extraordinary. I feel the man flinch beneath me, I’m glad that my final act was protecting Walter from this man. I hope Walter remembers how happy we made each other…

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